Visual Communication with Foppé Communication

Welcome. Glad you rolled by.

Need a project quickly, expertly done and meets your budget? Look no further! I can get the wheels turning.

The art of Visual Communication is not merely making something pretty or colorful. It needs to speak on its own without uttering a word. It represents you and your business. It sends a message and tells your story. Let’s work together to develop unique imagery that is directly relatable to your goals.

“If you have to explain it, it doesn’t work.” – Milton Glaser*

To me, successful visual communication starts with listening and ends with your satisfaction. Are you ready to start the journey?

-Sue Foppé

Foppe Creative Visual Communication

Great graphic design, first-class service, and some fun as well!

*So who is Milton Glaser?

If you don’t know Glaser, you will know his work (the swirly headed Bob Dylan poster and “I ♥NY”). Milton Glaser (b.1929) is among the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States. Glaser, along with many other Graphic Designers, has had a profound effect on the look of modern visuals.

Foppé Creative Visual Communication Services:
  • Logo development
  • Web design
  • Sales and support materials
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Educational and event materials
  • Package design
  • Customized gifts
  • Enewsletters and email blasts
  • Press releases and written articles

What an experienced designer does:

  • Practices good communication as to cost, timeframe and expectations
  • Understands the client and their business
  • Researches the client’s competition
  • Understands the demographics
  • Understands and implements current trends in layout and typography
  • Works in many different programs
  • Submits correct final files for print or online use
  • Makes sure the client is happy with the end product
  • Always learns new software and processes

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